The Work
Flow spiral
I have a masters in organizational sociology.
I Simultaneously completed several trainingcourses for personal growth trainers. The workshop 'life, death and the transition' from Elisabeth Kübler-Ross was one of them. Later I enriched my professional education with a Human Resource Management program. Recently I completed the Certification - Program for The Work of Byron Katie. In this moment I'm just finished with Emotional Freedom Techniques level 1 + 2.
My passion is to facilitate the development of myself, other people, teams and organizations. I quickly understand and can make sense of complex situations.  By combining energy we'll find creative win-win solutions, that everyone loves to contribute to.  Once you've experienced a flow experience you will always feel the desier to continue this. I connect to this yearning in order to support sustainable development processes.
I was born in 1954,  in the small village Lieshout, in the neighborhood of Eindhoven. My father was a Philips employee, my mother a housewife.
My parents named me Monique van der Spek.
I am the eldest daughter in a family of two children: me and my younger brother.
In 1983 I married Gijs Dankers and we have two daughters in '83 and '85. Being a mother I continued to work professionally. This was not always easy for me.
I also wrote a number of books for publishers:
Communication and teamwork in the learning organization (Nelissen / Boom 2000);
The three-part series Study Path Development:
1. Building vocational skills,
2. Preparation for internship
3. Until graduation (Pearson 2006-2008). The first part of this series has been translated into English.
And finally Cooperation in Organizations was published(Uitgeverij Boom in '10).
I love nature and like to walk long distances in silence. With my husband, who is a biologist, I watch (predatory) birds and rare plants. Plus I grow my own vegetables in the garden at our farmhouse.
I also dedicate my spare time to the renovation of our former farmhouse.
I have self-published two books: Every problem hides a gift in 1993 and the Flow Spiral in 2013. For more information of these, see elsewhere on this website.
In 1988, Yessence training & advice came into being. My tasks have been those of a researcher, consultant for organizational development processes, trainer, coach and interim Human Resource Manager and Development Manager.
Previously I worked for 8 years as a team-  and management trainer at a training institute.
I have also worked for 6 years as a trainer of social skills at a university .
the inspirational catalyst for development