Because I had some extraordinary dreams, I have been interested in what dreams have to tell us. For years I have mainly worked with my own dreams  and occasionally with those of people who shared their dreams with me.

Only after I participated in the 2011International Congress on dreams in Kerkrade, which was run by the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD), I started to coach others professionally with their dreams.

Since then I am also active in the Dutch Dream Association (VSD) in my local group and in the sub-group 'Shamanic dreams'.

To understand the message our dreams have for us, I use methods of Robert Moss, the questions of The Work from Byron Katie, Emotional Freedom techniques and creative methods such as drawing or drama.
I use  the best mix which is tailored to your needs.
One day, someone drew my attention to a vacancy for a lecturer in social and communication skills at a University. " I reckon that's for you," he said, "because they are looking for someone from professional practice. " I was not convinced straight away, but that night I had an interesting dream:

... I 'm in a big school building. I see mostly young people, who are using the school as a kind of youth hostel. Everywhere little groups are settled and young people are talking animatedly with each other. Rucksacks and bedrolls lie around. It is very pleasant there. I also see two violins in a wide passageway and further along there is a young person playing guitar. It looks as if it would be nice to make music with them.
The school has been remodeled, extra rooms have been created to better accommodate the young people. I look through a window and see the horses are in spacious courtyard with people near them.  In Dutch colored horses like this are called Tinkers they are thought to be long to the Irish Travellers.

The dream gave me such a good feeling that I was  really sorry to wake up. This yearning made me write the application letter. I was invited for an interview and after two rounds I was hired.  
My brother in law Huub died in a car accident and there was a lot of upset and sadness in his family as they thought the accident was his own fault. The night after he died, Huub appeared in my dream. He insisted on telling me how the accident had occurred. The family thought he had been careless, but Huub told me that there had been oncoming traffic driving much too fast. He could just avoid hitting the car by turning to the right.  Then he had to pull on the steering wheel to get his car back on the road but it went too far to the left side, into a big tree.
When he had finished this story, Huub asked me very intensely to tell these facts to his family.This request was repeated three times, and then I woke up.
Catching dreams happens between sleeping and waking.